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Lolita Anachronism.

Ultra Violent ... Ultra Skilled

[About me]

Taurus, Blood Type A, currently in Germany, green brown eyecolour, haircolour always changing, loves sushi and wurstnudeln, hates hot tomatoes, loves red, violet and black, hates yellow, loves putumayo, baby the stars shine bright, alice and the pirates and her selfmade stuff.


Not a style but fate". I'm into Lolita since 2001/2002 and I am still absolutely in love with this style. So most of my entries will be about Lolita-Fashion in some kind of way. I am still mostly into the old school Gothic Lolita, but also in Kuro Lolita, Shiro Lolita, Classic Lolita and Steampunk Lolita.
I have a Blog about Lolita here. Maybe you'd like to visit it some day?

[This Blog]

Most of my entries are in german and my blog is friends locked too. If you think anyway that I should add you just send me a message and tell me why I should. I'm not interested in people who add other people randomly. I am interested in you, if you have the same interests like me.

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